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BlogBuster 96: SEMPURNA

"You have to look slimmer and fabulous and charming and bla bla bla"..... I'm talking about shedding some kilos after a woman gave birth. The society keeps on pushing women to look good and PERFECT as early as day 1 after gave birth.

Let me tell you one thing, IT IS NOT EASY. I've read a comment from a celebrity this morning it goes like this..."Motivation for you to hit the gym right  your confinement day" (INSERT A SLIM PICTURE OF HIS WIFE). HEY DUDE! Your wife is still on confinement and yet you gives her pressure by indirectly saying her FAT. Oh maybe not only FAT, UNATTRACTIVE, UGLY, SHABBY.... and his wife replied. "I know I'm fat T___T.
Bini kau sakit bersalin nak menyusu lagi bukan nak ucap syukur ke apa bini and anak selamat lahir kau sibuk suruh bini kau KURUS! SAY ALHAMDULILLAH FOR WHAT YOU HAVE NOW! Weight loss can wait, SERIOUSLY.

For 1st timer MUM, Im gonna share with you my experiences. At first, you'll be e…

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