BlogBuster 91 : #throwback2013

1 Syawal 1435H
Salam alayk dear readers! It has been awhile since my last post this year. I miss updating my precious blog. T___T  Working life as a teacher has made me so busy making excuses neglecting every single precious moments in my life. Yesterday, when I was busy doing nothing, I went through my old blogbuster and yeah how I miss the good old times sharing those little things in this blog. Thus, I set my own goal to share anything that happen  to me (well not really everything)  in this blog so that I can cherish it later :)

 I wanted to recap some of the important events that happened during 2013

#Graduation Ceremenoy @ Macquarie Uni, Sydney

23rd April 2013

 Lots of funny incidents happened before, during and after graduation. The best would be the wrong train ride! Hahahaha yeah I know, it's my fault. I was busy with the bouquet and my long dress and I ran into the wrong platform and my family followed  me as in nothing wrong. Not until  my dad read the station list on top of the train after so many stops and yeah. "u can put the blame on me, yeah sing it yo!"

Selfie @ Sydney taken by Zawa

#Plapi's tragic moment.
22nd May 2013

I must say it was the most heart wrenching moment in my life T__T Our precious fat cat, Plapi was diagnosed with toxoplasma disease. So Plapi is not allowed to enter our house since he is the carrier of the disease. It took 3 weeks for the vet to identify the real problem till one of the vets suggested the hardest option which is "Put to sleep". Luckily, my good friend Syamim and my sis disagreed with the suggestion. So alhamdulillah, now he is still alive with only 8 lives left LOL.

#2nd Graduation IPG, Malaysia
PICC Graduation, 27th May 2013

Yeay! All praises to Allah for all His endless blessings, and to my beloved parents, this is for you :) *Macam dapat award ok*I had a teribble eyebag during the ceremony because I cried a lot thinking bout Plapi.

#Miss ALiah in action!
First Posting, 1st July 2013

Alhamdulillah I am officially a teacher after a few months waiting for the duty call. I met so many wonderful people throughout my journey at this lovely school. I wish I can be here a bit longer but Allah knows best. Where am I teaching now? I'll let you know on my next blogbuster.

#Maryam Izzah, apple of my eyes.
Maryam Izzah, 13th  October 2013

 On that precious day, our family is blessed with a cute baby girl named Maryam Izzah.
Alhamdulillah, I'm officially an aunt :D. Now she is 9 months old! Subhanallah how time flies.

#Sweet Syawal September
3rd Syawal 1434 H -1st Sept 2013. :D

So I guess that's a little bit of my 2013 memories. I did add on/ upgrade some of new recipes in my baking dictionary lol. InsyaAllah I really hope one day I can launch my own dream coffee house. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.

                                                             Kedai Kuih Muih Kak Yah
 I need fancy names for my future dream cafe.

 # Cheesecake hek eleh xmeleleh
Fat : 0% guaranteed

 # Rainbow cake paddle pop yeah yeah

#Red Velvet Valentino Ronaldinho
someone's fav meow

#Congo bars Dr. Fadzley ko dah kenapa

you can do a magical tango dance after one bite

Here's a present for all of you. Please don't kill me.


  1. kalau u perasan ada org click 'apa kes'..

    i lah tu.. kui2..

    bila nk bake utk i hoit?


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