BlogBuster 50: P.O.L.I.T.E.N.E.S.S

salam people,


the new Blogbuster will talk about POLITENESS.

what is the meaning of politeness?

according to The Free Dictionary, politeness means

"the act of showing regard for others"

short.simple.straight to the point.


My gratitude goes to this lil boy.

He does know what politeness means.


it is very RARE to hear people praising about Malaysians politeness.

To make it worst,recently we had been condemned by CNN website regarding the

NOT-SO-FUNNY-AT-ALL cartoon that was shown in the local newspaper.

personally I feel extremely SAD.

where is our common sense people?





As you can see from both of the pictures above, the Mat Salleh injected the awareness of being polite since the early age.

The best medium would be the story book. A door for new knowledge.

Surrounded by the high level of understanding community in Australia

makes me feel that how amazing they are to live in a such harmony environment.

Strangers do greet each other like

"Good Morning, how are you going?"

"Hello Love! U look fantastic today"

I really mean it.

Woolworths staff10-12-08 173

Woolworths or we called it Woolies.

The staffs that work here are absolutely friendly.

Don't get surprise if the cashier ask you

"Hello,how r u today?"

and ends with

"Bye2,have a nice day"


Plus,they never forget to Smile!

how cool is that?

I must say that during my summer break at Malaysia,

I was quite shocked with the people that works in supermarket or any other shops,

that were so with the 'Ketat' face and does not greet/ignore the customers at all.

I try to stay positive until one time I got quite shaky when 1 of the cashiers imitated what I was saying to another cashier.

Does it seems polite for you?

Well I don't think so.

Let's take a look at how JAPANESE people overcomes their problems.

cooperation.discipline.respect others.

Japanese queue

The queue itself explains everything.

Despite the limited food supply, they can still wait for their turn.

I don't think they learn this subject at school,



We did learn it!

where are the leaning outcomes?


Where is our childhood input?

Wasn't it suppose to be applied in the long run?

Abu Hurairah (RA) said, “I heard Abu al Qasim (Rasulullah (SAW)), say, ‘The best among you in Islam are those with the best manners, so long as they develop a sense of understanding.” (Al-Bukhari)

refleksi diri

As a Muslim, we do have specific Du'a everytime we look at the mirror.

"O Allah, just as You have made my external features beautiful, make my character beautiful as well".

Ameen.Ya Rabb.


A pathetic scene captured at Negeri Sembilan.

They were busy collecting the rice without even helping the injured driver who was later died because of the late help from people.

Where is the humanity?

''Politeness is the flower of humanity.''


Believe me, we can make a difference.



  1. "ketat face"! lol

    I too, admire the spirit shown by the Japanese. Even in hard times, they don't lose their values- being polite, "showing regard to others", being selfless. And we, Malaysians (some of us)- I thought having road users slow down their vehicles when accidents occur just to see what's happening and not helping is bad enough, I don't know what to say seeing those people value rice more than they value a life. What a shame.

  2. salam perkenalan...

    is this malaysian...?

    ayoo..dulu,sibuk kutip syiling.lani kutip beras?shame...totally shame.pasal kartun,menteri yg risau ttg ekonomi,oh my...

    proud of japanese spirit.nothing can stop them.atomic bomb,earthquake,tsunami,hurricane, they still can bring it up...

  3. you got it right! it is very shameful to know that they just left the injured driver alone and busy with the rice. bilalah malaysians nak berubah sedangkan kononnya kita ni kaya dengan budi bahasa -.-"

  4. tq aliah. this is a really good entry :)
    malu den tengok orang nogori den T__T

  5. yeah, that's the reality.. the ummah needs a change, no, a return.. a return to the basics of Islamic values, and that is just plain goodness.. Islam is good, and whatever is not good is not Islamic..


  6. setuju sangat dgn post ni.. bila kat Malaysia, memang terasa sangat2 once dah setahun kat oz.. bezanya ketara sangat. Bila dah lama terbiasa dengan orang berbudi bahasa, balik Msia agak terkejut la..

    all in all, kita yang belajar ni lah yang kena balik membetulkan dan mengajar masyarakat semampu kita. iA..
    masyarakat yang kehilangan common sense. sedih sungguh..

  7. can't agree more!!
    some more to add, kt msia wlupun dh ada kmpen 'budi bahasa budaya kita', most malaysians still do not practice it..nyanyi lagu tu je tau..
    nk say 'thank you' pn susah..rily respect those msians yg xkering dgn ucapan keramat 'terima kasih' ;)
    ~amek beras tu dh dikira mencuri..if they dont know hukum mencuri (in case),at least they shud have common sense..
    oh Malaysiaku sayang..kembalilah ke jalan Allah ;)

  8. oh sungguh ak kesal bile ak tgk berita psl org kutip syiling ngan beras tu.. mmg xpatut.. xpatut!

  9. hahaha....slightly under two decades ago I had that exact same shock exiting the Subang Airport terminal... I had to change this holier-than-thou-kiasu-cakap-omputih-slang-cina attitude.... alas tak boleh, I could not beat them, so I joined them, at least on the road whence I'm behind the wheel....hehehehe... but I did not have a blog then... I pray you can do better.

    good-on-yer Cikgu Al, very relevant entry indeed

    oh btw, i've seen worse... nak-nak kat tanah anbia ni.... mendidih je tengok perangai masing-masing. Australia is one of the best

    your uncle

  10. Good Entry Aliah.
    Rasa mmg betul, honestly speaking, Malaysians are lack of Politeness. huhu.
    I actually can feel the difference when I am in Malaysia and abroad. Bukan nak lupa diri but it's a fact. I'm sure yg pernah pergi/duduk abroad feel this right?
    Contoh mcm bila kt nak berurusan memana in Malaysia, most of the staff behind the counter would show a monyok face, mcm fed up nak layan pertanyaan kt etc...c'mon semua org pun ada problem sendiri...even yg kat Africa contohnyer susah makan pun masih bleh tunjuk muka friendly bila jumpa org....T__T
    Mcm sblm ni org kata Germans ni orang2 nyer sombong, yes they do mind their own business but once kt open up to them, they can be so friendly.Kdang2 tgh jalan, if dorg tgk mcm kt ada difficulty taking our own pic, they would offer their help. Snow nak turun pun dorg bgtau mak akak sbb dorg tahu org Mesia suka main snow.. =P
    Even kalau masuk lift ke apa, dorg with senangnya cakap "Halo" then bila nak kuar ckp "Tschuss" even tho we don't actually know them T__T
    Kat sini we rarely see that, ada yg polite tp minority jela kot. Even dorg yg langgar kita sbb dorg sendiri tak tgk depan pun dorg end up jeling mata kat kita or without saying sorry.
    Kalau kt accidently langgar dorg and ckp sorry pun dorg akan tengking balik "Hish,tak nampak ke!!" --> experienced this and she looks like a very executive educated person.
    Just sharing my 2 cents....

  11. But....just remembered! haha
    There's one country where I've been to
    orang nyer lebih tak polite langsung,
    there may be few others (yg belum pernah pergi) but kalau this country, I will never ever want to live there again...Nak tahu which country, ask me personally ;)

  12. sya: agree,jarang nk jumpa mereka yg murah senyuman.

    mr.bread:absolutely true.

    anis:kempen tinggal kempen,useless klu xdiamalkn.;(
    farah:erm,it's a big thing to ponder about.

    anak pak man: i love the word "return".we need to make a comeback!

    miss hazzi: izzah rs gtu jugak?ingtkn kak al je,mrilah kite amalkn bersama.:)

    zeda: i can't agree more too..

    uncle nan: oh really?mksdnya da lama la kan?cmon msia,wake up!

    k.effa: btul tu jauh perjalanan,luas pemandangan,ble da brjln luar dr msia,mata akan lebih trbuka :) p.s,nk tau country toooo!!

  13. ckgu al, thats us malaysians.

    we are even top-listed in the most vulgar countries list!

    see readers digest

    cheers, hv a nice day

  14. Haha, nak tahu ye, kak epa bagi hint jela ok, ...negara yang Disneyland paling terdekat.

    the people there are........T___T
    rasa Malaysians are better than them. =)


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