BlogBuster 94: My 2nd Pregnancy Journey

Assalamualaikum semua.

Yeah I'm back to share my next story. As stated above, it's about my 2nd pregnancy journey. Little I know, I'll get pregnant again after the 1st lost. (i mean that soon) LOL My family & friends especially Zara Airyss banyak bagi support. Diari hamil & all the ultrasound pics da selamat simpan dalam laci. Hati boleh dikatakan sedih lagi. Until I found out my menstrual cycle was a few days late than usual. Masa ni malas la lagi nak excited2 semua. Buat relax je dlu tapi early signs of preggy dah ada.Hmm..


1st October 2015

Did a PT test and it was positive. Masa ni memang da lewat sangat tu yang check jugak. Alhamdulillah sujud syukur. But I always bear in mind not to get excited until I make it through my first trimester. Ni fasa yg sangat2 critical. I did lots of reading about pregnancy and miscarriage just to make sure.

14 Oct 2015 (7weeks pregnant)
Meen & Zeda's Bridal Shower

I was 7 weeks preggy at that time. Masa ni tengah fasa mual2 jugak tapi bertahan drive ulang-alik dari Putrajaya - KL pegi keja. I still remember I experienced spotting just like my previous pregnancy. I cried on my way back to Putrajaya thinking that I couldnt handle it for another loss. Until I went to do my first scan at Hospital Bersalin Berisiko Rendah at Putrajaya. The doc said congrats when I was a bit negative bout it.

Doc: "Ada heartbeat ni, nampak x baby awak kecik je dalam tu?"

Me: "Seriously doktor? Ada heartbeat ke? Betul ke ni? *Nanges dalam hati*

Masa tu I even felt reluctant to see the image from the ultrasound. Just imagine how heartbroken I was. My mom & my lil sister accompanied me and I was smiling with teary eyes.

Since my pregnancy was categorised as high risk pregnancy, I was given duphaston to be taken twice daily and also an injection from the specialist since my spotting didnt stop immediately after consuming duphaston.

The injection was given when I was 8 weeks preggy and I did the buku merah a bit early since the doc need to monitor my progress. Alhamdulillah after 5 days, no more spotting and I cried a lot during this period. The doc advised me to bedrest and I took a month leave from school. Luckily it was November and my GPK & GB were very understanding and kind.

10 weeks preggy
pic captured by Abe
Location: Sekinchan
 I really enjoyed my pregnancy when I can feel Little Wan's first kick. I must say that 2nd trimester would be the best time for me coz my tummy wasn't so big and I felt more energetic compared to my 1st and 3rd trimester. I dun wanna share bout my pregnancy until people can notice my bump by their own. Just dun feel like sharing my craving or whatsoever. My parents jadi mangsa since Abe jauh :D
I think people knew about my cempedak goreng story. Takde share craving la sangat booo. What really funny was I wanted makanan kantin from my primary school. Mana nak cari oi. I love Cakoi and went to pasar malam just to grab them. Abe la jadi mangsa kalau dia datang KL.

us during Zeda's big day
(24 weeks preggy)
2nd trimester
I was a bit sad along the journey since Abe couldnt witness my growing belly just like any other couples. Pegi check up klinik sorang2 pun dah syahdu. I will always remind him about my appointment date so that he knows its our important date. Being a PJJ couple isnt easy. I can only ring him after he got back from work which usually late at night. When I was being super excited , he was already exhausted. But I really adore his effort on being such a caring partner when sometimes my emotions were unstable. Sometimes the video call is just looking at me crying. OMG I think my family knew that I cried in my room but pretend to look OK when I was searching for food haha.

Maternity shoot
28 weeks
Location: Putrajaya

Been hoping for miracle every time I applied for Egtukar. People who didnt know the pain of PJJ will say " Ala baru bape tahun, dia utamakan yg da lama berjauhan." "OKla still jumpa every week kan?"
No we didnt meet every weekend, sometimes once a month. If we can calculate on how much we spent for the flight tickets, I think we can buy a limo. LOL. Dahla ni merapu apa plak ni.

I planned to give birth at HUSM Kelantan, so I always had a slow talk with Little wan, "Awak jangan kuar lagi ye, tunggu daddy awak datang." haaaa lepas tu tengokla dia keluar bila pulak kan zzzz...Seronok pulak dia dok dalam perut LOL. I cant wait to share my bersalin story. It's just dramatic like so dramatic. 

Oh regarding soalan sensitif,  I came across it for few times. Usually the response will be like 

Makcik 1: "Oh yela jauh kan? Susah nak jumpa." ZZZ.. 
Makcik 2 : "eh da ada isi ke?" 
Me           : "aritu ada lepas tu gugur"


tula lain kali jangan tanya hahaha..

Sepanjang mengandung yang kali kedua ni, banyak craving makanan pantai timur mcm nasi dagang, laksam, cek mek molek, nasi kerabu haha mentang2 la nk bersalin kat kelate & abe ore sano , jangey tubik kecek kelate sudoh LOL. Luckily ada cikgu kat sekolah ni amik order masakan kelate, so yeah hari2 dok order dengan dia je.Berat xnaik mana, adalah dalam sekampit beras huk aloh...

Surprise Baby Shower at Cosy Place
33 weeks pregnant

The best part ever. Aunties cun from Zara Airyss buat surprise uolss. Masa ni baru balik melawat baby Adam, lepas tu konon2 nk lunch sini skali mek Aza gi masak lunch plak kt umah dia. Beriya pulak tu kitorg mkn. (read: me). So jadilah sesi dessert je kat sini. Ktorg pg asing2, so Zeda & Zawa kind of sesat xsmpai2 lagi. Rupanya dorg pg  amik props apa semua. Ciss, terkena den. Tapi end up mmg dorg tersesat betul sbb xpnh dtg restoran tu. So Meen jadi penyelamat haha... Excited ok dapat belon & warm wishes delivery card from all of u, Thank you so much! U girls are the sweetest! Love u till Jannah AUUW..We all banyak amik gambar kenangan je, xdela nak makan dalam pampers ke apa kan bidaah tu semua haha. More on our photo & sharing session. We keep it syariah compliant hehe.

I guess that's all for this BlogBuster. I will share bout my bersalin story plak. Yang ni rasanya paling xakan dilupakan sampai bila2 kot. SERIOUSLY.  Sampai anak ke sepuluh kot.Ok bye. Ok la Kausar da bangun. Till then. 


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