BlogBuster 75: Spread The Love!

Maher Zain "Forgive Me" World Tour- Live in Malaysia.

Salam & hi everyone! Did you know that Maher Zain is coming to Malaysia on this 16th of June? I bet all of you especially nasyid lovers must be so excited! Let's take a look at his promo video :)

click this for the official website

 The best thing is, Maher Zain Malaysian Fan Club  is organizing a competition for the most creative Maher Zain's pictures with the theme:"Spread The Love". The winner will be judged based on the most likes picture on facebook(50%) and also based on the jury preference(50%). The prize for this competition is 2 free tickets to Maher Zain's concert. So, my lil sister, Adilah don't wanna miss this opportunity to get the free tickets for his upcoming concert at Merdeka Stadium. Would you help me in making her dream comes true?

 So here are the 2 simple steps that you can do.

  1. Go to this PAGE and search for these two pictures:

Picture 23.-Nurul Halida-*ignore the spelling*

Picture 25.-*Nurul Halida*

2. Click the "Like" button and there you go. You just helped my lil sis :)

I would like to say thanks in advance guys for helping my sister :) well, this is her first time entering a competition, let's make it a best memory for her ey? oh for your information, I met him once at the Sounds of Light Concert 2010. :D His songs are just superb!

till then, tata!


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