BlogBuster 65: The Upcoming MacQ Uni Islamic Awareness Week.


Salam Alayk ;)

yes people,

Macquarie Uni Islamic Awareness Week it's back!:)

With more exciting talks and activities await you.

I personally think that this year poster is cool because of that particular special mosque ;)*grinning*


This year's theme is the beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W :)

May Allah swt send blessings upon Prophet Muhammad, his family and companions.

May Allah swt bestow us with the characteristics of the Prophet SAW.

May Allah swt increase our love for Him and His beloved Prophet SAW.
Ameen inshAllah!

I reckon that it's gonna be huge people!

There are lots of speculations regarding this religion and what Muhammad really was.

InshaAllah by clarifying the truth characters about him through this 5 days adventure,
will help the truth seekers to discover the truth.
So, yeah, we'll see how it goes :)


As you can see,
the picture above is the tentative for the most anticipate event of the year for me :)

I really hope that I can attend all the amazing talks and activities even though I have 2 assignment to be submitted on that very same week.
May Allah ease everything,inshAllah .

And yeah, I really hope that I can be a very helpful volunteer compared to last year :)

Macquarie Uni Muslim Students Assocation (MUMSA) shared this video on Facebook page,
so that we can get to know our beloved prophet Muhammad's characters even better :)

2010 Islamic Awareness Week Promo


2011 Islamic Awareness Week Promo.

That's all folks!

See you there,inshAllah :)


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