BlogBuster 53: How I spent my Easter break :)

Assalamu alayakum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu Brothers & Sisters

hoping all of you are in the best state of health and iman.:)

I just wanna share with u on how I spent my Easter break.

First, I went to Gold Coast for 6 days, from 13-18 April 2011 together with 5 other people.They were Zeda,Asreen,Aza,Mint and Jiha.


My main intention is to visit my long long not so lost neighbour, Miss Madihah at Brisbane and also at the same time exploring the theme parks in Gold Coast.:)

1. Movie World Warner Bro.

An awesome place for those who love extreme Rides/Roller Coasters :)

I'd tried most of it and I must say it wasn't that bad,
what you need to do is just lean your head straight and enjoy the ride. ;p

<span class=

I love this show too.:)

I recorded it with my phone.

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This place is also selling Halal food for the visitors.

<span class=

Believe it or not, I rode the Superman Escape twice!

I just love the feeling of floating from my seat but the funny thing is I'm an Acrophobia = afraid of heights.

Maybe the enthusiasm of fighting my own fear boost my courage.

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Prayer room is also available!
Hayya ala Solah :)

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We came across a Malaysian restaurant just nearby our apartment.

2. Sea World.

<span class=

I experienced an unexpected incident while watching this dolphin show,
a guy behind me pulled my scarf and said "Isn't it hot?"

I just ignored that guy since it was very obvious that we were the only Muslims who watched the show.I will never be afraid of portraying my faith.

3.Wet n Wild.

<span class=

Basically,this place offers excitement for those who loves water.

My friends and I wore the proper attires and we had been stared by the locals
of how "weird" we dressed from their eyes.

Again, ignorance is bliss.:)

4. Brisbane (the climax of the trip).
I can't describe my emotions the moment my eyes set on her, we were neighbours since 1994 and after I moved out to Putrajaya, we rarely talk to each other.

We always go out together,share our stories and problems, last but not least, we shared the same childhood memories and Birthday.:)

We went to the same Mengaji class, the same primary school,and after that the same country for tertiary education.

Subhanallah,how amazing ALLAH has arranged our meeting.

<span class=

madihah & me at the Choc shop.

<span class=

I fall in love with the beautiful scenery of Brisbane City.

<span class=

Dear Madihah,

You are always going to be a part of my childhood memories that I will never forget.;)


<span class=

The design of this building is so cool!

5. Seerah Camp @ MUV.


A talk organised by my colleagues, the journey of the Sahabah around the Prophet S.A.W had been revealed beautifully.
I just love this camp so much.

me playing Regu! LOL

6. Luna Park with Yesol,Jurey and Zeda.

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Yesol is my ex-housemate at MUV, she'll going back to Korea for good this coming July.
So, we arranged a meeting last Thursday to catch up with each other and we had a great time. However,it would be more fun if Shamas and Asreen were around. ;/

<span class=

Thanks for one great outing Yesol!


oh yeah, I rode Ranger too..;)

7. Mukhayyam @ Lake Macquarie.


The bookmark design created by Zawakhair.

A program organised by ISMA to strengthen the NSW sisters' ukhuwwah!

I don't have any pictures from this event, so we just wait for my talented friend,Zawakhair to publish her video!

That's all folks ;)


  1. Alia.. I admire your bravery when that person pulled you hijab..I wish to do the same if that incident ever happen to me :) and I'm happy that you had a great time during this holiday!!

  2. thanx farah,Allah gives me that strength to hold back my anger.hehe...:)

  3. AsSalam Aliah,

    Quite surprise baca about that person yang tarik tudung. Are Australians that "jakun"?
    Sebab if kat Germany, they would not do such thing like that, furthermore they would not even stare. I always felt comfortable when I walk around.

    Please do take care k my dear cuz. jgn kasi mereka buli us just because we dressed differently. =)

  4. weyyy~ dtg Gold coast tak singgah maiii :'(


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