BlogBuster 52: Malaysian vloggers.

Salam people! :)

3 assignments are waiting for me but here I am, updating my blog.

People: Hey AL, what urges you want to update ur blog?

cikgu AL: Well, because of I'm a Malaysian & I'm so proud of it!..:D

People : Huh?*blank-plain-faces*

Cikgu AL: okay now let's get back to business.

The reason I'm writing this post is because


I want to congratulate to these 3 Youtubers who have been a sensational in Malaysia & who I personally think have a very BIG INFLUENCE among Malaysians and also people around the globe.

p.s: all of them were born on 1990, where are the 1989 people?Haha, well I guess it's a series of coincident. :)

*clap clap clap*

I knew this guy last year after I came across his "Mothers' Day" video.

A funny-straightforward guy with his Kedahan accent.

I like most of his videos because it contain lots of inferential messages that people need to understand.

I totally agree with him coz all those complaints that he presented in his video are running in my head whenever I watched a typical local film/drama.

Oh ya, I'm tired of those ghost stories too.

What's the point of having all of those 'fairy tales' if the citizens are suffering?

check it out in this video at minute 3:46 until 3:58

This is one of my favourite videos.

Ah-ha,I know this fella,

Anwar hadi who happens to be my junior. ( A non-stranger face to me of course).

Also a Kedahan.

I follow his videos before his sudden stardom attack

and Beruang Duit is one of my favourites.

My cousins are so into him.

I tweeted him saying well done for producing a great video

and he said,


*psstt,his English is better than mine*

I seriously need an extra class. ;/

All the best junior!

I would like to say Thanks to miss Izzah for sharing his video on FB.

His videos are quite different because it focus more on Islamic perspectives.

I must say that his approach is a very "da'wah-friendly" and can easily captured teenagers hearts.

*not his heart but heart/love towards Islam*:)

You can also like his page on Facebook and read his blog.

a-soon-to-be-famous Youtuber.

Last but no least,

I pray that all of these videos will be beneficial to our Ummah,

And I would love to share what HLovate the famous anonymous author who wrote this on his/her blog.

"Thanks for all the supports my dear readers,but don't let my writing contribute 'a sin' in ur life and also in my life "

*it becomes a sin if we neglect the Fardhu coz we are to busy with the book.

Cool huh?:)

Together,we can make a difference.


spread the words,peace & love!



  1. thanks cikgu Al!

    and aimanazlan tu very similar ngan baba ali kot.. just something i noticed.. subscribed to him already! :D

  2. anak pak man: kan2? very very the similar..;p,u guys can collaborate in the next videos..;)

  3. eh2 nama misshazzi ade dalam post cikgu al. hehe :)

    sharing is caring.

    saya pun suka 3-3 org vlogger kat atas ni.. semuanya ada idea tersendiri n creative in delivering the message.

    keep spreading the good words guys. tqvm
    walaupun tergelak-gelak, tapi saya suka message anda. semoga bermanfaat utk semua..

  4. 3 3 dah tgok, heee secare jujur sgt suka dgn mereka, tetapi pernah tengok perempuan juga post2 gini whichhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh not to say im biased tapi mmg x suka, sbb kan lebih baik perempuan jgn memperagakan diri sendiri sehingga boleh menarik mata2 laki yg lain, astagfirullah.

    tapi saya suka kalau pemuda2 yang mengpostkan video yg semcam yg ke3 tu, smbil menyebarkan dakwah, juga berpesan2-pesan.

  5. Punya la panjang taip pastu hilang..sobs. I rasa kalau vlogger perempuan pakai tudung elok ..tak pakai make-up lebih pastu tak gedik tak perlah. I suka akak sorang ni nama cenel dia novavril. Fuhh dia punya animation lawa sbb tu ramai mat salleh jadi client dia. Mula ingat ke dia ni omputih rupanya budak melayu. Siap pakai tudung labuh lagik

  6. Stuju diowg terbaik.. support vlogger Malaysia..
    member kolej sy pun ad jugk sbenarnya and he is Klantanese..


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