BlogBuster 48: a Day to Remember

Salam people.

yeah,like the title itself.


for me,everyday is special.

because u'll never know what is going to happen to u everyday.

so treasure it..>.<

Photo 0691

PLAPI * a cat that has no worries*


oh, & has a weird sleeping style too

Photo 0668

"pls do not disturb me,i'm sleeping,seriously"


on 9th of february, i managed to meet my cousin, Muhammad a.k.a

Penyair Ugama on FB

who is currently studying at Al-Azhar & his holiday ends on 15th Feb.

Luckily i met him before my departure.

Photo 0689

errr...sorry cousin for kidnapping ur sleeping pic.

*this is because i'm stress out of wanting to see you, but you were sleeping* =_='

Photo 0704

okay2 people, enough of sleeping beauty stories!!!

Let's take a look @ adilah LOL

what is she doing rite now?

ah--haa! gotcha!!

Photo 0643

playing Woody's game wholeheartedly!

Photo 0645

"whatever you say sis,i'm not going home!"

okay then,fine,bye-bye/sayonara/adiosss.

Photo 0648

me love this magnet fridge.

oh my,somebody's watching,can u find a pair of eyes staring at us?


Photo 0692


these are the 2 angels, and sometimes not-so-angelic *opps,well u know how kids are*

who joined me yesterday to send my juniors flying off to Down Under.

Photo 0695

the dull faces after knowing that the train at the back was not the train that we're going to ride.

not so long after that.......

Photo 0696

Tad-ddaa!! happy faces after seeing my junior,inianwarhadi in person.

they were blushed and stunned
and *playing with their shirts to indicate they are shy*

i can't believe that this fella turns out to be a very successful youtubers,
congrats dude.
i hope u can still be the same person after the stardom attack

*promote my blog again like u did on 28 jan 2011* hahha!

okay,that sounds pathetic.LOL

Photo 0699

me & zawa browsing around searching for our juniors to say Bon voyage.;)

Photo 0702

& we caught 1 awesome junior,JIHA!!!!

*credit the blurry-shaky pictures to Sabrina* =_='

Photo 0705

they were happy eating ice-cream
& accidentally made my money => gone..;D haha

Photo 0706

big thanx to anwar again for the advice given in ur autograph.

"belajar rajin2 & jangan tinggal solat tau?"-inianwarhadi

alhamdulillah,insyirah is inspired.:)


Photo 0676

well,this is my Law frens at UKM whom i prefer to be called LAWLIPOP frens.

they are friendly,cool,awesome & thera-issh.haha!

plapi again.sorry for the fanaticism.

Last but not least,

highlight of the month!

Photo 0708

nice to see,nice to hold,once broken,considered sold.

i love my pantun,so rhyme.*with teary eyes*;D



  1. ....aghhh i thought it was the Toyota you managed to wreck... tapi yang ni susah nak dapat spare part kut....tch....tch...tch...

    Glad you posted Insyirah/Sabrina photos, thanks.

    Bon voyage to you too, don't you miss the kebabs downunder?

  2. accent anwar hadi tu mcm die dh duk oversea sblum ni eh??

  3. uncle nan: that's why~ sian papa kna cari spare part.huhu.. no worries,my pleasure! i miss the kebabs already!;D

    att: oh,klu xsilap dia pun duk kt NZ ms dia 5 thn,ikut ayah dia blajar,setahun je kt sna.selebihnya dia belajar sndiri,ktorg kagum gler ng accent dia.:D

  4. kucing tu bgsla... walaupun dah besar..tapi still sgt responsive... ade kucing lain tu...aduhai..mmg sgt pemalas kot..hehe

  5. tunelife:really?nsb baik plapi aktif lg..hehe

  6. rasenye buat ape kat diorang pun, diorang tak kisah dah...perut dah berat kot..nak makan pun takyah berusaha mcam kawan2 yg lain dkat kedai makan dan belakang2 rumah org tu.. huhu..

  7. hehe..tula,wpun plapi agk berusia,tp sy ttp sygkn dia..;D

  8. lm xdengo cita...baca cerita slalu,dkat blog...huhu...harap cheart2 selalu...da~

  9. k. al, yg syirah solat tu hot and cold (hangat2 taik ayam) je. skang nie nak suroh solat pon ssh...


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