BlogBuster 10: Nationality conflict~

salam people~

juz wanna write sumthing bout what had happened today~
attended a very light n easy talk by DR.Rozanizam from Adelaide!~
he's totally a funny guy..XD
it's hard for me to stop from burst out laughing while listening to all his jokes..
juz imagine one of his jokes that i still remembered was he tried to say that the inner is more important that the the appearance, he linked it with an iphone without a simcard! it's gonna be meaningless rite?XDD

amazed with ISMA programmes+lovely sisters,
i LOVE it so much..=)
Adelaide+Sydney ppl's rock!
*hopefully i can be the heroin..^^*


the main thing about this post is ppl always get the wrong ideas of my nationality*sounds quite arroggant huh?*
after a few months in Sydney,i think quite a number of ppl reacted the same thing when i said that i'm from Malaysia.. they seems to think that im somewhere from Middle East*?*..aiyakk!~-_-''

but usually,i dun feel really panic coz those ppl who asked me are women.

not until.......

it starts here

i wanna buy a snack b4 catching my train to go home.
when i wanna pay for it, the cashier*who looks like an Arabic guy*
asked me..
"where r u from?"
i responded bluntly,
"you mean my country is it?"
he said,

"i'm from Malaysia"
i replied,
"but u dont look like one"
he said..

and i juz laughed to hide my rosy cheeks that started to blush..

and then he said,
"hope to see u again"
with a pair of eye-gazing that makes me feel weird~

the moral of the story:juz laugh when u dunno what to do.XD

the end~haha@!

home sweet home..=)


  1. hye...err...u ad mix ke aliah??


  2. mix?xde lor~huhu melayu asli gtu,jawa+siam.melayu kn?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. oh no!!i prefer maysian guy..=))

  5. u dun look like malaysian, more like indonesian :P "inner is more important than appearance", same like my latest post.

  6. hurm...jawa+siam..kire mix jgak la tu,hehe..same la kte jawe..huhu..


  7. chris: u r so "good" in lying,aren't u? =p
    x1x: really?hye jawa!hehe

  8. ececececece...
    jgn start perasan eh..awk tu klo dh melayu,muke pon mcm melayu gak :p

  9. anip:eleh,dengki la tu....mst awak yg tick kt box apa kes tu kan?lalalala~


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