BlogBuster 5: the ups & downs =_='

  • ~gloomy face~

i never expected that life is going to be so challenging here~ HOWEVER, i'm so lucky to have such great persons by my side->supporting friends,concern house mates,loving Sis Hani & 'OHANA (Hawaiian lang.)T_T it's hard & different when u are far far far away from your family~~ u tend to feel alone & super SENSITIVE~

u going to miss ur home scent & the coziness shelter that u receive so much when u r with ur 'ohana.. BUT i know it's not only me who feel this way, deep inside my friends' heart, they must feel the same way too~Thursday is just gonna be my favourite day in a week..i'm able to receive lots of hugs & kisses from my beloved friends..=')

im trying my best to find my Bright & Sincere smile again..=') pray 4 me~

here are some photos taken during my ups & downs moments this week~
hope u guys enjoy..;')

  • 22nd March 2010- my attempt of taking free coffee from my Uni coffee shop.

the free voucher~

mission accomplished!^^

cupcakes for sale!~ how i wish i can eat those cupcakes..T_T (amik pic je)

  • 25th March & 26th MArch 2010
kak Hani & me..=)

unit 180 received a VIP guest from Newcastle which is Kak Hani =) and the next day,she brought us to see the sunrise at Coogee beach!! i wish all of my friends could join us,unfortunately,not enough space,mybe next time eh guys?^^

oh yeah,on thurs,this is where my heart sank in tears bcoz of shocking news that i received (i'm afraid of losing my 2 wings) miss ZAWA & ZEDA.dont let me fall~

ur names were written on Coogee beach's sand!

4 girls from 180~

cikgu al,asreen,shamas & jurey

Dunningham Park~

pengiring kami!~~
Kak Hani & kak Mel yg baik hati..^^

Makan time!~

comel kan mknn kami?hihi..;)

jurey yg sy suka gaduh ng dia sbb......

dia suka kutuk saya..T_T *hasil tulisan jurey*

asreen-teman seperjuangan gedix ku~haha

shamas-teman berkongsi pendapat *dia suka EPL ye kawan2*haha

the best pic that i snapped!*perasan2*haha~

-back at Home-lapar tp xpe sbb...

awesome dish by kak Hani~ penat2 balik pun sudi masak Kuey teow melepss!haha thnx \(^^)/

plus,akak bwk kami bli groceries rumah utk sebulan..syukran ya ukhti!
jangan la segan2 dtg umah kami lg,insyaallah ade rezki kami ke Newcastle pula^^

we LOVE u!!!


  1. have u eva listened 2 a story,,its title is..
    "tapak selipar asadi hitamku d pipi cekodok pisangmu"?..
    it such a nice story!!!~
    haha,,nantikan kemunculanku d mimpi ngerimu

  2. yes i do heard bout that infamous story~
    xDDDD why??

  3. wah bjalan sakan ye ko kat sner
    cup cake air 2 ngn keuy tiaw 2 cm mnarik 2
    tbe2 trase lapar tgk~

  4. haha~jomla dtg jln2 kt sini amin~best~^^
    tula,cupcakes tu sgt menarik yg sdeynya,xtau halal ke x..tu yg aku xbli tu..
    keuy teow?besela,see the legs~haha!pdhal bukan aku yg msk..=p

  5. infamous story,,hehe...tuh skrg..bila u da "feel" itu story, mst glamer...ley amek2 pixtas pipi y da kne tapak selipar, put them up..lam blog ni ke..fb ke..hehehehe!~

  6. eleh nadirah ni..g main slipar asadi tu jauh2~~~lalala~

  7. hurm..coogee beach and dunningham park..nampak menarik aktiviti merayap kat aliah,u ni asek berjalan je,kelasnye time bile???huhuhuhu.... =P


  8. hey wait.....zawa&zeda not stayin wit u anymore???????????


  9. thnx~ i must say that it was a nice place indeed to be visit..^^
    yeah,due to some circumstances,they are moving out~it's hard for me to accept the fact~T__T
    juz imagine that we are going be staying far far far away from each's going to be hard 4 me to meet them as often as before..

  10. *visited.sorry for the grammartical error~@_@

  11. huhu..btol2 cikgu b.i nih..i'm no good in grammar too,doesn't really matter la,as long as people can understand,hehe..hurm,nway,sory to heard that u'r losing ur 2 wings,i know it's hard for an angle without her wings,but i think it's still ok coz u still hve others rite n they also can be ur wings,dun wory aliah,cheer up!!chayokk2!!!hehehe!!!!...
    okeh cikgu,skang cek brape bnyak grammatical mistake yg sy wat...huhuhu...


  12. hahaha~no lah,juz wanna practis my own writing skills since im not really good with it..

    huhu..thnx x1x~ really appreciate it..T__T

    haha i think u had made tans of grammartical errors!haha joking2~

  13. ahhaha
    cm ne nk dtg
    aku nie msih bwh umur lg(dan2)

    asyk tunjuk masakan org jer.??
    ble mau tunjuk msakan sndr n publish kt cni.??

  14. masaksn sendiri???
    boleh2,bila da thp chef wan aku publish kt blog ku ini~


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