BlogBuster 1: Sayonara Malaysia~

the Crying Baby-Cikgu AL
My first BLogBuster~

Here goes my new post, lots of stories I would LOVE to share with you BUT I donno where to start~ T__T
Let me start with 10th February 2010, precisely on Wednesday 8.30PM. Frankly,dat was the TOUGHEST moment in my life.i just can't imagine being far far away from my beLOVED family for 2 years*not EXACTLY 2 years,1 year 10mths*=_='
Tears & prays were the atmosphere seen everywhere.T__T
my Gratitude to my Family,Relatives & friends for that unforgettable moment.
i juz wanna say"I LOVE U GUYS SO MUCH!
P.s:it was SO frustrating that i LOST my new 120GB pendrive 10 mins b4 i leave the house*so sorry big bro*+my sis,ayna wasn't there to say goodbye due to her work.

my big bro & my ottosan^^

the Aussie couple! my beloved Unlce Nan & Aunt Hilma ^^

the BIG family >

my dear friends!^^
from left:Sal,syirah,me,iqbal,faridah & zati. thnx 4 coming guys *athirah was missing in action*

candid pic from Zati.
She managed to snap my pic with adilahLOL*both of us were crying heavilyT_T*

last but not least, the QUEEN of my HEART
me HEART u,omma!^^


  1. hurm...nice blog n nice beginning...hope u'll succeed in ur study..take care... ;p


  2. good!!! i think it is a very good idea to have a blog, letak gambar banyak-banyak

  3. anonymous:thnx so much!^^ really appreciate it..:) it's sad i couldnt know ur name~

    uncle nan: bereh!~~haha,thnx to adilah,the tech gig girl ^^


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