BlogBuster 2: Sneak Peak @ Sydney~

~my house mates~
-Jurey senget & Shamas sempoi-
(penyeri umah 180)

here we go,my second post for my blogbuster what u guys gonna see in this post?
  1. my activities @ my new place-MUV(Macquarie Uni Village)
  2. several pics which i didn't upload on FB.
  3. my friends pics!*the perasan2 pose excluded Cikgu AL*hakhak

Tue:-16 feb 2010,our first trip to the senior's house!mkn free!wee~~suka2!!
from left:me,zawa,jah & zeda

we really enjoyed it,do u agree with me agree Ms.anis & syamim?

Thurs:-18 February 2010,went to the city!fantastic sceneries & generous people^^

edited pic by Zawa: the arrogant bird~

SYdney Opera HOuse~

an angelic pose @ Manly Beach~haha*muntah*=p

tom Cruise time!!*well,it's actually a ferry,saje nk wat gempak*ok2,lame jokes*~^^


Sat:-27 February 2010,an Usrah gathering @ Waterloo excited to see a pair of unique Swings at the park..became a childish girl again!~\(^^)/

Rini watched us patiently=_=''

my leader,Nuhan made me fly! haha! XD

both of us are childish yet cute ;p

Spider Web & spider Girl..*geli kot,erk kumpulan Spider xsaman kn?*

i was trying to get rid of an insect on top of Rini's head~ not a violation okay?=_='~pls dont get me wrong~

Location:Living Room
I was working on my first assignment in this new sem.
EDUC 258-Mathematics..lalala~choc wajib ye..;)
already submitted ^^
thnx to Cadbury for making my brain works..=p
okay next pic pls!~


Thurs:-11 march 2010,nothing special actually,but i suddenly realised that i haven't took any pic @ my uni yet..
from left:Tiqa SHam,(adilah,dia ex-TKC tau,umah hijau lg tu)=) me & Jah a.k.a Siti.^^

or during my class..@_@*the famous sentence in this class->if u can hear me,pls snap your finger* ahaks! EDUC 260~

mai minum dulu!haha.. Hot CHoc at the cafe costs u $3. convert to RM=RM 9! that's why i've decided not to convert..T__T*minum skali skala je kot..*


  1. hurm...seems like u've enjoyed early moment at ur new place huh...a lil bit jealos act cause u've went to many nice places...waa...nk pi sane jgak...huhhu...nway,hope u da ada rmai kawan n da dpt biasekan diri ngn surrounding di sana..err,nway,hot choc=rm9?????huhuhuhu,trus rase tak jadi nk pi sane...hurm,k r,dats all,take care always n study smart k...(erm,waiting for ur new post..hehe..) =p


  2. hoho~thnx!^^
    i hope u can introduce yourself later on~

  3. taktau kenapa suddenly i teringat peristiwa kat pulau jerejak tu. must be the taman permainan...

  4. hahah!~sya!^^ btul gak kan??=)

  5. cikgu al~~
    tahniah blog anda~ byk gambau! hehe

  6. hurm..ok..i want to introduce name angel doesn't hve to knoe who i'm..


  7. hi Cikgu Al..I suddenly found your blog and fell in love with it..i love to read ur blog..Hope we can become friend..

  8. hi inah_eugene! really?thanx! it's just a simple blog.but thanx 4 dropping by~


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