Sunday, March 28, 2010

BlogBuster 5: the ups & downs =_='

  • ~gloomy face~

i never expected that life is going to be so challenging here~ HOWEVER, i'm so lucky to have such great persons by my side->supporting friends,concern house mates,loving Sis Hani & 'OHANA (Hawaiian lang.)T_T it's hard & different when u are far far far away from your family~~ u tend to feel alone & super SENSITIVE~

u going to miss ur home scent & the coziness shelter that u receive so much when u r with ur 'ohana.. BUT i know it's not only me who feel this way, deep inside my friends' heart, they must feel the same way too~Thursday is just gonna be my favourite day in a week..i'm able to receive lots of hugs & kisses from my beloved friends..=')

im trying my best to find my Bright & Sincere smile again..=') pray 4 me~

here are some photos taken during my ups & downs moments this week~
hope u guys enjoy..;')

  • 22nd March 2010- my attempt of taking free coffee from my Uni coffee shop.

the free voucher~

mission accomplished!^^

cupcakes for sale!~ how i wish i can eat those cupcakes..T_T (amik pic je)

  • 25th March & 26th MArch 2010
kak Hani & me..=)

unit 180 received a VIP guest from Newcastle which is Kak Hani =) and the next day,she brought us to see the sunrise at Coogee beach!! i wish all of my friends could join us,unfortunately,not enough space,mybe next time eh guys?^^

oh yeah,on thurs,this is where my heart sank in tears bcoz of shocking news that i received (i'm afraid of losing my 2 wings) miss ZAWA & ZEDA.dont let me fall~

ur names were written on Coogee beach's sand!

4 girls from 180~

cikgu al,asreen,shamas & jurey

Dunningham Park~

pengiring kami!~~
Kak Hani & kak Mel yg baik hati..^^

Makan time!~

comel kan mknn kami?hihi..;)

jurey yg sy suka gaduh ng dia sbb......

dia suka kutuk saya..T_T *hasil tulisan jurey*

asreen-teman seperjuangan gedix ku~haha

shamas-teman berkongsi pendapat *dia suka EPL ye kawan2*haha

the best pic that i snapped!*perasan2*haha~

-back at Home-lapar tp xpe sbb...

awesome dish by kak Hani~ penat2 balik pun sudi masak Kuey teow melepss!haha thnx \(^^)/

plus,akak bwk kami bli groceries rumah utk sebulan..syukran ya ukhti!
jangan la segan2 dtg umah kami lg,insyaallah ade rezki kami ke Newcastle pula^^

we LOVE u!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

BlogBuster 4: 2ne1~*21st March 2010*


i can't believe that i'm already 21 years old~luckily i LOVE 2ne1! haha*xde kaitan*
so here's a lil bit of things that happened on my BORNday^^

2oth March-agak bengang ng adilah & athirah sbb gi konsert SUJU tnpa pengetahuan ku~~~~mmg makan hati btul..T___T

muka2 org g konsert..T__T

athirah & her frens~

my cousin,K.effa~

budak skolah xcukup umur~haha

b4 midnight-->received phone calls from mY Grandson & asreen!*hakhak,thnx guys*^^

12++am-->my house mates,Jurey & Shamas entered my room with yummy choc cake!!^^*sarangey *

1am-->skype with Rahemee Sama & my lovely parents~he send me dis video..which i nearly scream bcoz of suprise~haha dis video is so cool^^thx ala~


3am-received lots of bday wishes via texts from my frens^^

2.30pm-Skyping with my besty, Athirah Anuar! chatting bout suju's concert last nite when suddenly.......................

i received a text from zawalolipop that OBVIOUSLY shows that she heard my conversation with thira..

such as->
thira:aliah,tau x kter ade rekod kyu hyun kata "Saya Sayang Kamu"?

me:siyes??nk tgk2!!

*beep*msg berbunyi~~~

Sender:Zawa-{saya sayang kamu..tnya thirah..kangin dtg x??}

me:huh!!!thirah,cmne zawa leh tau ni??

thira:huh?tau pe??

me:dia dgr la kter sembang,klu kter skype,user lain pun leh dgr eh?*obvious gler buta IT*hahah

*beep*msg kedua~

Sender:Zeda-{nak tgk gak video suju tu}

me:Arggh!!! cmne dorg tau ni?*muka cuak tp still proceed sembng ng thira*

thira:aliah,kite ade belon suju!!^^

me:yay!!nk tgk2!*lupa seketika keanehan yg berlaku*

*beep* msg bunyi lg~


Sender:Zeda-{nak jugak!tnya thira,donghae hensem x?}

me:chop thira,kter nk check jap dorg ni ktne,kter rs msti dpn pintu~

*ttbe bunyi almari ku ditutup ng kuat*

----------------ARRRGHHH!!! korg kt dlm eh????????--------------

keluarla 2 makhluk yg kelihatan spt kurg oksigen*tmbh ng cuaca pns*haha


dorg da pakat ng house mates ku rupanya ,cesss xgne btui..

punyala gigih mnyorok dlm almari bju ku~haha!

so this incident was seen live by athirah yg tgh blur skype dgn ku~haha
thnx guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bday present dorg mmg sweet sgt2!!!

from:Nisa,Iewa,Zeda+zawa & secret~haha

kad ini sgt cantik~~

MPH pun xde jual,apatah lg Borders~


ade video best yg dorg wat tp free hair la plak,klu x,da lama i upload!~ahaha
what i can say is


Zeda,Zawa & me~

btw,dis is d video that we were fussing about^^

iklan~~silalah dapatkan cucur terkini di pasaran~hahah

cucur Quack Quack!~

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

BlogBuster 3: let's go to the zoo!debadebeedeboo~ ^~^

Proudly organised by ISMA

Salam guys,the topic for my 3rd post is about my recent visit to Featherdale Wildlife Park (Sat:-13 March 2010)*amaleena's bday* with my friends. All i can say-> it was amazing!
It was very challenging for us to travel by ourselves to the park*our 1st time* & it took us 3 hours to reach that place since the location is not in the center of Sydney.

trying our best to find that place ^^

yay!! finally we're here!!

so which animal i wanna see first??erm...

opps,before that,u need a passport to enter this will cost u $18(student price)HOWEVER, we were very fortunate that we only need to pay $14.40 (satu rombongan cik kiah dpt murah)hehe

u can also stamp all the animals that u like(the stamp is provided but siyes xpasan)haha
so kosong je la kertas tu..T__T

pic bajet kandid nk enterframe jap~haha


sesi bermesra with Blossom! (baby Wallaby)

sweet couple!^^haha

Big Wallaby~

my besty~zawa feeding the Wallaby!



will u marry me Mr.Koala?^^

he rejected me T_T bcoz of diff could u!T_T


dia suka tawaf~nak snap pic pun pyh~adehlaaa~


Lazy Kangaroo~

bab makan rajin plak~

good dog~eh silap,good kangaroo..;)

Emu yg ganazz~nsb baik budak tu baik..heee~

childish again with Zeda Clover~

albino kangaroo~


wombat time!

wombat tu xske Zeda~haha!


pose without even buying!~haha
*asreen & zawa sibuk..=p*

ade ke patut bendera buat jd Boxer?klu kt Msia ni mau kna hentam~
dedicated dis pic to my bro-Rahemee Sama..=D

refreshment time..:)

before i leave,i wrote sumting at the Guest Book..;)i wrote
"i wish i can cuddle the Koala..=("


a marble cake made by miss Jurey~! best kan kek ni Shamas??^^

all of sudden...
I REALLY MISS my korean fren,Henna!
she's very nice & friendly..she's interested with my scarf;)
i love this pic so much!^^
me & Henna~
pls come back HennaT__T
*Henna is my first korean friend whom i met here,she used to stay at my house but now she had moved out *