BlogBuster 25: July Babies~

My Name is not Khan.=D

i'm going to Melbourne tomorrow,*away for 2 weeks*
for Winter Trip Program organised by ISMA.
our destination:Sydney->Melbourne->Adelaide->Melbourne->
& Sydney!.
that's why it takes 14 days.

so,i'm afraid i dun have any internet connection during my vacation but i have an important confession to make
because July is a very important month for me.

5th July 1994,
was the day i received a new title in my life.
i'm officially a sister to
Nurul Adilah!

5 years gap made me felt that i'm the youngest in the family,
like i said,5th July 1994 changed everything.

let me tell you a lil bit about her:

1.she's not a talkative girl but whenever she speaks,she really means it.

2.her love for Arts starts as early as 3 years old. she likes to draw,paint,play music & anything to do with art.
editing pics,video subbing ,playing guitar & photography are her current obsession=)

3.we never have a peace conversation since i LOVE to pick a fight with her. Teasing her just makes me feel great!haha..

even though we always fight,
but our bond become stronger & stronger after i left Msia.

It's hard for me to believe what i saw at the airport 5 months ago,
she cried heavily when we said goodbye.


right now,maybe she is still struggling with her new life at TKC,
but deep inside my heart i know,
u are one strong girl Adilah!

on your 16th bday,
i juz wanna let u know that

ur presence brings a new perspective in my life.
having u as my sister is such an honour~

so,juz believe in your dreams & go for it!
i know u have a BIG POTENTIAL in the future.


2 amazing Boys Bday!


muhammad iqbal hilmy (14th July 1993)
& imran hilmy (3rd July 1998)

they are my cute cousins with uniques personalities.

iqbal as the big brother does resembles Kyu Hyun!
my wish to you:
all the best to u & be a good son,boyfriend & soon..husband!
ur courtesy can make any girls fall for u!
hehe..keep on smiling okay?
happy 17th bday,gudluck SPM!

as for imran the gadget guy~
my wish to u:
u r such an intelligent boy,
use your talent wisely coz i know,
u gonna be one of the important person in Malaysia.=D
happy 13th bday!

so,have a Smashing bday July babies!

i wish i can give three of u awesome bday presents afterwards..=p

memories of Lamgkawi Cable Car vacation



  1. sweetnye vid nih! bagi link bleh?

  2. alah comelnye aliah punye wish! :))

  3. imran:da dpt x?hehe
    izy: thnx..=)

    dayah:tunku kurshiah college..=)

  4. your family semua muka ala2 mat salleh. ehemmm, this is a compliment. cousins lelaki ade lagi yang single?


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