BlogBuster 82: #IAdmitThat I miss them :')

salam ;D

It has been 2 weeks since I left them. Lots of memories are forever carved in my heart. The most memorable moment for me when the two classes( 5 Jaya & 5 Maju) that I taught during my practicum organised a farewell party for my practicum partner, Teacher Zahida and I :)

It's not about the events that matter , but their genuine efforts stunned me. They come from different backgrounds, different stories but hey, they never fail to smile and spread their love.

Lots of "untold stories"were involved during this event but all I can say is THANK YOU students :')

These videos were recorded by them. Happy watching!

p.s: Sorry 5 Jaya, I cant find the lengthy video of your class.>,<

Menu-of-the-day for 5 Jaya: HELLO KITTY CAKE YEAY!

Menu-of-the-day for 5 Maju: Fried Meehoon & Agar2 sirap <3 p="p">*they kids sponsored everything! I eavesdropped one of the girls asked her classmate (a boy) whether he had paid RM 1 for that event. haha

Psst, teacher misses YOU, take care ;')


  1. video dengan mak cik kantin ada tak? haha

  2. takde, makcik kantin tak sudi lalala

  3. sikit sangat la video 5J...


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