BlogBuster 79: Oh-My-Practicum: Introduction.

Salam everyone, the most anticipated moment in my study years have shown it's "taring".Yeah PRACTICUM. The last thing in my mind or the first thing that I wish I can skip. HUH.

So what is practicum?

Yeah, so know you know what is practicum. Lucky for other courses that they had their practicum experiences more than TESL course. Hokhok, well, none of their faults, ask KPM for the 'standard chartered' system.

Big thanks to them & my seniors for sharing their practicum experiences with 'freshies' like us. My friends and I need to wake up at approximately 5.45am every morning and prepare lesson plans earlier or the night before for 12 weeks. YES, 12 WEEKS.Starting from 9th July-12 October 2012.

That's only for the teacher's part, not to mention the students' part

which is


Credit to Miss Soleh Ismail for sharing this :)

I must say that it is not an easy task to handle kids in the classroom. You will have your inner self battle either to be friendly teacher or a fierce teacher. Well, I applied both. HAHA. That is the main reason why I lost my voice. Hukhuk.

SK Dato Kramat is where I will do mural with my partner Miss Zahida. Yes, clap2. :D
 I'm teaching Year 5 Students, 5 Jaya & 5 Maju . While my partner teach Year 4 students.
By just looking at them, my school memories strike me. How innocent Year 5 students can be?
 Those puppy eyes, happy giggles, hakuna matata faces, how time flies. 

Ice breaking activity with 5 Jaya.  :) They made me smile for the whole day.

My hope for this practicum is not only to teach them English but also to touch their hearts, InsyaAllah,
 May Allah ease everything.^~^


I am here to turn teenagers into professionals
Not just to lecture and conduct tutorials

I am here to influence lives
Not just to transmit facts and figures

I am here to ask and encourage questions
Not just to give the answers

I am here to stimulate thinking
Not just to share what I have prepared

I am here to motivate students' interest in the subject
Not just to cover the syllabus

I am here to understand the students' learning problems
Not just to evaluate their performance

I am here to encourage students to take personal responsibility for their own learning
Not just to call for active participation and doing of tutorials

I am here to facilitate group discussions and synergy
Not just to share my knowledge, skills and experiences

I am here to provide opportunities for personal reflections. deep learning and applications
Not just to give out handout notes and project assignments

 I am here to invite students to discover new learning experiences
Not just to call out names and take their attendances

I am here to be a mentor, friend and guide, a role model, a coach, and their cheerleader

I am here because I want to touch young lives. expand their horizons, 
lift their spirits and deepen their values

I do this so as to build a better society, a better world for all of us

I am here because the opportunity is NOW

Henry Tio
 Ngee An Polythechnic

You can find this testement in your RPH book (the brown book).=)

Get inspired!

Miss Loke's advise: Be the teacher that you want to have when you are a student.



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