Tuesday, May 31, 2011

BlogBuster 56: Messages from our eternal enemy.

Salam Alayk my lovely readers :)

I hope all of you in the best state of health & Iman,InshaAllah.

In this blogbuster, I would like to share couple of videos from Youtube
regarding this one particular creature that I think most of us are aware or
sometimes not-really-aware of his/her existence.

This creatures are clinging with us like 24:7! Please readers, I know what you were thinking, I'm not talking about that Korean Wannabe group,LOL!

Are you serious? What am I supposed to do with all these videos?
It seems like a never ending video!

Relax people :D

You can enjoy these videos one at a time...

May Allah SWT protects us of us from the devil's lies.

"I seek refuge with Allah from the devils"

Al-Quran.Surah Ibrahim 14:22.

"Dan syaitan berkata ketika perkara (hisab) telah diselesaikan,"Sesungguhnya Allah telah menjanjikan kepadamu janji yang benar, dan aku pun telah menjanjikan kepadamu tetapi aku telah menyalahinya. Tidak ada kekuasaan bagiku terhadapmu, melainkan (sekadar) aku menyeru kamu lalu kamu mematuhi seruanku, oleh sebab itu janganlah kamu mencerca aku,tetapi cercalah dirimu sendiri.
Aku tidak dapat menolongmu, dan kamu pula tidak dapat menolongku. Sesungguhnya aku tidak membenarkan perbuatanmu mempersekutukan aku (dengan Allah) sejak dahulu" Sungguh orang yang zalim akan mendapat seksaan yang pedih.

Itulah kata-kata Syaitan kepada manusia di hari pembalasan kelak.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blogbuster 55: "Through Islam, I see everything."

Salam alayk to all my lovely readers :)

Hope all of u in the best state of health and iman, inshAllah..;)

As you can see from the picture below,

My friends and I attended this amazing talk organised by MUMSA and other uni Islamic uni society, revealing about "A MESSAGE THAT EVERY MUSLIM SHOULD KNOW"


I am ready people! ^~^

I arrived 1 hour late since I had Daurah with Ummu Suhayl and Kak Shue on the same night, but
we still managed to join this priceless talk.



The special Da'ee from Canada and he was also the first blind professional wrestler :)


He is seriously hilarious and also said something that permanently remain in my heart as a Muslim.

"Dear Brothers & Sisters, you had found this beautiful religion long time ago before me,treasure it and spread Islam".

*in this 22 years of life,I just found it back like 1 year ago." I feel ashamed of myself,a born Muslim has been blinded for several years.:'(

Many Muslims are still "blinded' with hedonism,hollywood movies,concerts etc.

How can a blind man "SEE" the beauty of ISLAM?

He was brought up in a very "Irish style". His family never treat him differently despite his visual impairment. It is clearly seen when he doesn't even know the word "Blind" until one day his teacher called him that when he wanted to help her."You cannot help me,you are blind!"


He converted to Islam on 3rd July,1996 few years after he read a book entitled "Roots" and Autobiography Malcolm X.

He loves the fact that Islam is not named after a person,place,things or even prophets.


Our creator, ALLAH is unique, only one and the great!


we don't have HIS action figures,


Film Posters

we don't have any of HIS posters/drawings or paintings..


THE ALMIGHTY as clearly stated in Surah Al-Ikhlas,

Mohammad Ameer Muawiya Langrial

Surah Ikhlas

A short clip from Abu Hafsah..;)

He is also amazed with the ummul kitab, AL-Fatihah,


From this moment,he knows that Islam is the way of life.

It eliminates racism and promotes UKHUWAH,get to know each other from different races,tribes and nationality.


Listening and fully understand the meaning of AL-FATIHAH can lead you to know almost everything about the relationship of a humble servant and the creator,ALLAH S.W.T.

There are many roads that lead us to hell fire, thus we need to beg for His guidance in searching the right path.

Why Islam van, First Hill

The more you discover, the more you are attached with this beautiful religion.

Islam In a Nutshell - Quick Islamic Guide


Where you want to go ? Decide it Now,don;t delay

A sign of heartsick:"You believe in the existence of Allah but you do not fulfill His command

May ALLAH shower His blessing to all of us in this short life, and also hereafter.