Wednesday, June 30, 2010

BlogBuster 25: July Babies~

My Name is not Khan.=D

i'm going to Melbourne tomorrow,*away for 2 weeks*
for Winter Trip Program organised by ISMA.
our destination:Sydney->Melbourne->Adelaide->Melbourne->
& Sydney!.
that's why it takes 14 days.

so,i'm afraid i dun have any internet connection during my vacation but i have an important confession to make
because July is a very important month for me.

5th July 1994,
was the day i received a new title in my life.
i'm officially a sister to
Nurul Adilah!

5 years gap made me felt that i'm the youngest in the family,
like i said,5th July 1994 changed everything.

let me tell you a lil bit about her:

1.she's not a talkative girl but whenever she speaks,she really means it.

2.her love for Arts starts as early as 3 years old. she likes to draw,paint,play music & anything to do with art.
editing pics,video subbing ,playing guitar & photography are her current obsession=)

3.we never have a peace conversation since i LOVE to pick a fight with her. Teasing her just makes me feel great!haha..

even though we always fight,
but our bond become stronger & stronger after i left Msia.

It's hard for me to believe what i saw at the airport 5 months ago,
she cried heavily when we said goodbye.


right now,maybe she is still struggling with her new life at TKC,
but deep inside my heart i know,
u are one strong girl Adilah!

on your 16th bday,
i juz wanna let u know that

ur presence brings a new perspective in my life.
having u as my sister is such an honour~

so,juz believe in your dreams & go for it!
i know u have a BIG POTENTIAL in the future.


2 amazing Boys Bday!


muhammad iqbal hilmy (14th July 1993)
& imran hilmy (3rd July 1998)

they are my cute cousins with uniques personalities.

iqbal as the big brother does resembles Kyu Hyun!
my wish to you:
all the best to u & be a good son,boyfriend & soon..husband!
ur courtesy can make any girls fall for u!
hehe..keep on smiling okay?
happy 17th bday,gudluck SPM!

as for imran the gadget guy~
my wish to u:
u r such an intelligent boy,
use your talent wisely coz i know,
u gonna be one of the important person in Malaysia.=D
happy 13th bday!

so,have a Smashing bday July babies!

i wish i can give three of u awesome bday presents afterwards..=p

memories of Lamgkawi Cable Car vacation



Tuesday, June 29, 2010

BlogBuster 24: Farewell Friends~

xsangka da Blogbuster 24 da...
agak2 banyak cter ke byk merapu je?
*harap2 yg 1st.=_=*

ok2,mood utk baca post kali ni kena sedey~
*on lagu sedey Nassier Wahab sebentar*

Sad,Sorrow,Gloomy etc.

well,i think most of my Cohort fellas da tau yg
rmai girls MUV pindah umah next sem.

including my lovely house mates=> miss Jurey ,miss Shamas & miss asreen

xsgka waktu berpisah kita makin hampir~

thnx for all the sweet memories that we had together.=)

Hang Nadiah Rahmat

Hang Nadiah Rahmat thanx to Cikgu Al, Sharifah Mastura Syed Mohamad & Asreen Popcorn 4 ol d moments dat we had 2 gther~dapat knal seko2 cne..minx maaf 4 ol d mistakes done intentionally o x, halal mkn minum sgale eh~syg ande ber3 even ta klihtn.... :-)

status FB jurey tempohari~

thank you very much for everything!
sorry sgt klu ade terkasar bhasa,lawak xjadi &sewaktu dgnnya.
trimas ajar kita masak,honestly kita dtg aussie ni xde basic langsung psl
nyanyian merdu mu akn ku ingati smpai bila2.=)
thnx tolong bg smngt time wat assignments~
kdg2 da rs give up tp jurey bg spirit.

wpun dulu kita sekelas,tp bila duk 1 bumbung
ukhuwah kita makin erat,byk benda yg kita br tau psl awk.
awak x makan pedas,siyes br tau..
kt mktb xpnh tau sbb jarang hang out sme..hehe..
suka makan sayur & fruits,
such a good influence for me..
kesannya:kite suka makan carrot & kiwi!
bukti kukuh~
thnx 4 everything,sorry ade wat slh silap,
suke pinjam hp shamas lama2 nk kol family kt msia.
*spe suh xbwk hp sndiri cikgu al?=_=*


trimas byk2 sudi pindah ke teratak 180.=)
wpun ko org baru,tp ko xcm org baru,*apekah?*
aku ske kuew teow ko yg besh tu!
plus,aym masak merah yg meleps!
sori klu aku ade mngasari ko~
insyaallah kite akn serumah kn asreen?=)


tinggal kenangan.=')
duk kt MUV mmg best,
acara plg best tiap minggu:
bacaan yassin!

so ble rmai pindah,xtau leh spt dulu or x..

xpe,ALLAH knows best.

so,bye2 to:
jurey,syamim,k.nad,kechik kiah,atiq,k.jen,kema,tiqa sham,jah
nisa & iewa.
ku pasti merindui canda mesra kalian..=)
duk umah baru tu elok2 ye..=)

girls yg lain?
still duk kt MUV .=)

oh,ni pic gi melwt umah baru mereka di BALACLAVA tempohari.
best,dkt ng Woolies..heaven je..

adik ku di sydney.=)

umah mereka~

ada objek ni belakang umah dorg,xtau fungsi nye apa,
hiasan kot..>,<

perasmian menjemur kain batik oleh Toh Puan Cikgu AL.=D

diiringi Atiq Achmed sbagai tuan rumah..=D

ada tempat Sauna dpn umah mereka

MasterChef: Marion Aliah~haha

bunga utk korang..bli sndiri ye.haha!

time sdey2 tu,tbe2 dpt kek!

Thnx 4 the cake K.Murni!
terharu sgt di waktu sdey2 cmni ade org bg kek..T___T


ok2,nk smbung packing!
off to melbourne & adelaide for 2 weeks.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

BlogBuster 23: Donut Day!=D

today i learnt a new recipe: Delicious Doughnut!
monitored by Miss Syamim Zulkifli,
thnx syamim^~^
* I know it's only a traditional donut but hey,
it's a new achievement for me.*
*big applause 4 myself ^-^*

so my cooking class with Syamim started at 11am (AEST)

once i arrived,
we went straight to the kitchen---->preparing the dough~
--the dough need to be rest for 30 mins--


So,while waiting for it:

-watched the headlight news for today-

Aussie's first female PM
Julia Gillard replacing Kevin Rudd~

history day~


or should i name it Julia Gillard's Doughnut?haha!

decided to make a pretzel instead of tedious round-shape donut~haha!

Syamim's unique design..=D


Aunt Al's Pretzel & Doughnut~
poyo ok!=D

donut 3 seringgit!

ignore the colour,
the TASTE is more important..=D


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

BlogBuster 22: ESPN Sport News~

apekah "pendapatan" anda ttg layout br blog ini?
*pendapatan tu quote from Samyvellu in one of his interview,xleh blah btul*
skrg ni mmg tahap OBSES kt makhluk cekelat ni,
so layout pun da dipengaruhi oleh Fluffy~hee

signifikan pilih TV as my background sbb kononnya perasan
sme Blogbuster ni
masuk TV~haha!
merapu sungguh..=_='

okay back to the main topic:SPORT
i LOVE sport!
just that i dont have enough time to be a sporty girl~
my favourite sport:
Basketball,Netball,and Badminton~

volleyball 2008

team merah tp xde baju merah~haha

i used to play these games a lot back in Malaysia but...


im attached with my CHOCS~

currently i have started to feel 'muak' with chocs,
hopefully this feeling will last forever..=D

WINTER SPORT CARNIVAL that was held yesterday was totally awesome!
the competitive spirit just drove me high & high to win in all games

result red team:no.3!haha,
poyo je cter smngt kesukanan
udah2la tu,

i LOVE this rugby ball.=)

masa tgh rehat makan buttercake after game,
diri ku tertarik dgn aktiviti Chris iaitu:

feeding a cute bird~!

*sempat lagi mamat ni promote blog dia,tp blog dia mmg best!
klakar campur poyo~*


Buttercake Bird ft Chris,Zeda Clover & Zawa Lollipop

CN BLUE:especially for u my sis~

perihal adik kesayangan ku pula,
dia dengan penuh rendah hati*yeke?*
telah me'request' ku utk bertnya kpd housemate ku,
utk belikn Cd lagu korea..

berat rasa nk tnya sbb malu sgt kot nk minta
tp demi adik tercinta,
ku beranikan jua~~

kebetulan adik dia ,Miss Yelin Park dr korea dtg melawat dia cuti ni
so dapatla ditunaikan hajat tersebut

thanx ye Yesol,
nnt adilah bayar!

currently tgh suka lagu ni


Jenny a.k.a Jenab~

lagu ni sgt femes ms 2007,masa tu kt mktab Penang~
so,ble dgr lagu ni trus ingt kenangn kt maktab~hakhak
lagu2 dia dalam album ni sgt best!
suka sgt=D
tp mereka da lama menyepi..=-/

ni lagu kedua yg sedang disukai
dihasilkan oleh adikku sendiri video ini~
*sangat terharu jika di usia senja,
teman hidup mendendangkan lgu ni*


Love Light by CN Blue~